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june51 1.jpg (12682 bytes)   june 51 2.jpg (14245 bytes)   june52 3.jpg (9561 bytes)   june53 4.jpg (13828 bytes)  

June 1951

mom 51.jpg (12615 bytes)   june 53 table.jpg (19688 bytes)   1952.jpg (20401 bytes)  

With mom 1951, and 1952

Ken 1 yr swing.jpg (15861 bytes)   19 months.jpg (12293 bytes)   July 52.jpg (17008 bytes)   First step Grandpa.jpg (17255 bytes)   grandpa.jpg (9750 bytes)

Photos' of Ken at one year old, Christmas 19 mo, in July '52, His first step with Grandpa Turk, and Grandpa Turk and Ken July 1952.

at the beach.jpg (21352 bytes)  Ken smoking 2 yrs.jpg (18614 bytes)  Ken Christ 53.jpg (17492 bytes)  ken grandma emily.jpg (7963 bytes) 

Ken in the water '53, and lighting a cigeratte which is humorous to all who knew and loved him as in later years he was not without a cigarrette.  Also, on couch and with Grandma Emily.

 Ken townline 56-57.jpg (48193 bytes)  1956.jpg (34931 bytes)  communion 59.jpg (24076 bytes)  deer park 59.jpg (18105 bytes)

Ken 1956, first communion 1959 and Deer Park, Michigan 1959.

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