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Terrorism did not start on, September 11, 2001, and for that matter it did not start on, September 20, 1984, when Ken was killed by Islamic extremist.  Both events represent an awakening.  September 11, 2001 for the whole country, and September 20, 1984 an awakening for the family and friends of Ken Welch.  When mention is made that Ken died in Beirut the most common reply is: Did he die with the US Marines (October 23, 1983)?  He did not.  Those brave souls lost their lives in a totally different act of terrorism a year before Ken's death.  Which was a year after employees of the US Embassy (April 18, 1983), Beirut, Lebanon lost their lives.  Most of these victims of terrorist attacks in Beirut, and most of our National heroes, are laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.  Those killed in Beirut are laid in Section 59 of Arlington.  Ken Welch is interred in grave #529 to the right of  a Lebanon Cedar planted in memory of all the victims of terrorism in Lebanon.

Lebanon Cedar planted just to the Left of Ken's gravestone.

cedar tree.jpg (51332 bytes)

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Stone at base of the Lebanon Cedar

grave.jpg (13863 bytes)

Ken's headstone

The connection between all of these events is the enemy.  Our National enemy.  The terrorist.  Ruthless evil people who take what is sacred to us, and all civilized people.  They take our family members.  Our beloved. These Terrorist organizations are for the most part sponsored and funded by the Governments, and organizations around the world.  The primary sponsor of terrorism is the Government of Iran.  

To defeat terrorism we must understand it.  Part of the understanding is to learn about all of the terrorist attacks.  We should know our enemies by their names, and we need to understand the funding sources established many years ago, and how those money strains exist to this day.

We should understand and study all of the incidents that have occurred throughout the world, and look for a common enemy and theme.  

Khobar Towers

Lt. Col. Higgins

Alisa Flatow

Lockerbie, Scotland

Robert Stethem


And all those we lost to terrorist

The theory is simple.  To conduct all of these attacks there would need to be organization, communication, and resources.  It would, and does, take a great deal of money, and administration. Stopping the money and holding the terrorist organizations financially accountable is a foundation of the fight against terrorist organizations worldwide.  

We should never forget those who died at the hands of terrorist, and vow to hold the people, organizations, and nations completely accountable for their transgressions against our family members.  The heroes of America.




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