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Legal Actions

The fight against terrorism takes many paths.  Each path needs the same devotion and attention.  The military should seek out the terrorist, eliminate, isolate, and destroy terrorist as they have with the Talaban, and Al Queda in Afghanistan.  The world police agencies, FBI, and CIA must pursue the perpetrators and terrorist leaders and bring them to justice if possible.  The FBI has a top ten most wanted terrorist.  

The person who planned and executed Ken's killing in Beirut, Lebanon on September 20, 1984 is on the FBI list of most wanted terrorist.  His name is IMAD FAYEZ MUGNIYAH.   He is a terrorist still living and is believed to move between Beirut, and Iran.  Iran was/is his primary financier. 

In the 80's Mugniyah is credited with carrying out the wishes of the Islamic extremist sponsored by the Iranian government.  He killed Ken through organization and funding.  He killed other Americans with his bare hands.

The last option, and perhaps one of the most important, is to hold the terrorist accountable by taking away their ability to fund, execute, and manage organizations that kill and maim people throughout the world.

The United States has enacted a Senate Bill that allows the victims of terrorist to hold the sponsor terrorist country accountable for the financing and planning of terrorist attack.

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