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 Ken was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 23, 1951 to Betty Ann Welch (Turk).  He was her first boy.  Ken was named Kenneth after his Uncle Kenneth Turk, and Vernon after his Uncle Vernon Welch.  Ken's Uncle Ken Turk is a Army veteran joining the US Army     82nd Airborne in 1946, serving in Italy and Trieste.  Ken also had an Uncle Ron Welch who earned a purple heart in the Korean war, and survived the tiger death march.

Betty (Turk) was born in Petoskey, Michigan and moved to Grand Rapids, graduated from East Grand Rapids High School, and started raising a family with her first son, Ken.

Ken had to be a natural born leader because of the family circumstances  He found himself in a role of leadership at a very early age.  It was not long in his life before he started helping 'raise' his brothers under his Mothers supervision.

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